Sealine - T51
Forward Master Cabin
Inspiration Cruises has the T51 which is a true luxury Motor Yacht for your Chartered Gold Coast Cruising experience. It epitomises the very best in opulence, comfort and luxury. A high-performance super yacht in every respect, from the moment you step aboard your Gold Coast Luxury Cruise. With absolute sea-keeping qualities and performance up to 32 knots, the T51 will take you anywhere you want to go in style.
For Overnight Cruises or relaxing in comfort during the Breakfast or Evening Cruises, the Main Cabin treats you to unsurpassed Luxury and beautiful surroundings on your Broadwater Cruise.
Fly Bridge
Enjoy the thrill of Cruising to your destinations on the Fly Bridge, or sunbathing while enjoying the Broadwater views on your luxurious cruising vessel.
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